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The module is extremely user-friendly and makes a salesperson’s life easier. You can add shipping costs and selected payment form fees to every invoice. When an order is placed, WEGO CMS generates a pro forma and maintains a detailed invoice register. Invoicing has never been easier!

Module capabilities

  • Control invoice status: unissued, issued, unpaid, past due, paid.
  • Define salesperson information and invoice appearance.
  • Print the original, a copy or a pro forma invoice.
  • Register payments for a specific invoice.
  • Generate an invoice when a customer places an order.
  • Add payments to invoices indicating the date, amount and payment type.
  • View payment history for each invoice.
  • Export a list of invoices to a .csv file.
  • Use built-in invoice search.

Possible applications

  • Generate and print invoices for your online store.
  • Provide support for the accounting department.