WEGO CMS - Content Management System and internet shop - more than a CMS

Why is it worth it?

  1. WEGO CMS is easy to deploy - within less than one day for typical solutions.
  2. A fast and intuitive panel interface does not require page reloading each time (ajax).
  3. Any language can be used in the administration panel and on the website without extra fees.
  4. No need to handle cron, safe_mode, or the mail() function.
  5. The system is prepared for PHP6 language support.
  6. It has modest hardware requirements.
  7. It includes an online store with credit card, bank transfer, SMS, and Paypal electronic payment support.
  8. The administration panel can be accessed by multiple users (permission management is provided).
  9. If you sign a distribution agreement, you get one or more deployment licenses that you can pay for after deploying WEGO for your client.
  10. WEGO CMS means creativity, energy, and continuous development; it’s a platform that makes webpage management easier, not harder.

If you’re still not convinced, why don’t you visit us for a coffee and watch the system at work? Even if we don’t convince you, you can at least enjoy a cookie.