WEGO CMS - Content Management System and internet shop - more than a CMS

For partners

Below you will find more information about our offer of cooperation:

We work with

  • Interactive and webmaster agencies
  • Hosting companies
  • Freelancers

We offer

  • Discounts
  • Continuous application development and updates
  • Technical support
  • Documentation and promotional materials
  • Training in WEGO CMS content management system implementation

Cooperation model

Distributor (HTML coders)

Distributors buy our CMS to implement it independently in their own projects. We expect Distributors to include a reference to our webpage on their website and on each website where our system is implemented. In return we offer a 30 percent discount on each purchased license. In addition, a separate free license is granted for a special developer domain.

Partners (graphic artists, interactive agencies)

Partners create graphic projects or templates and commission us to perform integration with WEGO. Each webpage based on WEGO must contain a reference to our webpage. In return we offer a 10 percent discount on each purchased license.

Friendly hosting

For each hosting company that requests it, we can check if WEGO CMS will work on existing servers. In exchange we will add a logo and a link to this company on our webpage.


Alternative forms of cooperationWe offer flexible cooperation between the Licensor (iCenter) and the Licensee (Partner) in which iCenter acts as a hub of information and development, providing documentation, training and technical support. In return Partners receive the right to resell a WEGO CMS license entitling them to develop and deploy a site for their end customers.

You have your own idea how to sell WEGO? Contact us.