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You may want to inform them about current promotions. Use articles to create a wide range of advertisements displayed on your webpage. Unleash the potential of this module and increase your sales!

Module capabilities

  • Add pictures and message attachments.
  • Provide information about the author and the date of publication.
  • Monitor display statistics for individual articles.
  • Create and activate categories.
  • Use article highlighting.
  • Edit and format text in a built-in editor.
  • Use built-in article search.

Possible applications

  • Create various explanatory webpages, such as articles, company information, business profile, history, ordering, shipping and warranty information, key customers etc.
  • Prepare short texts or messages displayed in selected webpage locations, including welcome messages, special offers, advertisement slogans, tips, pop-ups etc.
  • Present your offering of products and services including descriptions and photos.

Implementation example: a dental practice in Wroclaw

This is a simple application of articles to present a dental practice. Customers are provided with information about dental services offered, and in addition it’s possible to check the dentist’s references on the “About Us” tab.