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Offer enhanced functionality on your website by enabling customers to send messages to your company without having to use an e-mail program. In addition, using forms with hidden e-mail addresses protects you against spam.

Would you like to enable your customers to contact any department within your organization? With this module you can create your own customer support system. Forms can also be used to report issues grouped by subject. Streamline your business with the help of this simple solution.

Module capabilities

  • Define multiple choice lists from within CMS.
  • Use category and subcategory (section) divisions.
  • Include any number of recipients in each category.
  • Hide your contact address.
  • Display department names and descriptions in multiple languages.

Possible applications

  • Create an e-mail customer support system with cell divisions.
  • Provide a standard form with customer questions divided into categories.

Implementation example: Blue Tax Group S.A.

We used one form containing a multiple choice list. Customers can select question categories and provide basic information. Until recently individual issues could only be identified based on the e-mail message subject or content. Now the module automatically sorts messages according to user-defined categories and reduces the time required to relay information to appropriate employees.