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You run a store? Your company offers a wide range of products which need to be promoted properly? Product Catalogue is the most universal module, designed for effective presentation of all information about your products.

Module capabilities

  • Control product status: available, pending, special order, unavailable.
  • Browse a product catalogue in two modes: category tree or search result list.
  • Use additional optional fields with product descriptions.
  • Add descriptions and photos for product categories.
  • Manage prices across the board—change prices for selected categories.
  • Highlight selected products and categories.
  • Define product features and variants.
  • Assign a product to multiple categories at the same time.
  • Create relations between products (“Customers who bought X also bought…”).
  • Add photos to products and define their order.
  • Export lists of products to .csv files.
  • Maintain an inventory of goods with the help of a dedicated tool.
  • Receive alerts when reaching a critical amount of products.
  • Define VAT rates.
  • Use net/gross price and currency converters.
  • Take advantage of price comparison service support: Radar.pl, Ceneo.pl, Nokaut.pl, Bazzar.Interia.pl, Allegro.pl.
  • Sell products in different currencies.
  • Mass-migrate products and pictures between categories.

Application examples

  • Provide online access to company product catalogues ranging from simple ones, containing only several items, to comprehensive catalogues e.g. with 100 categories and thousands of products and accompanying pictures.
  • Run an online store (installation of “Orders” and “Customers” modules is required).

Implementation example: Ganoderma

A catalogue entry contains a header, photo and brief description for each product. Clicking “More” displays a full description. The customer can also view a photo gallery and finally add the product to their basket.

A picture is worth more than a thousand words!

  • Add as many photos and images to your products as you like and give Internet users a chance to watch the merchandise carefully before they buy.
  • Reuse the same picture on your webpage in different sizes and contexts with the help of a unique image scaling system.