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Something interesting has just happened in your company? You’d like to let your customers know about it? Adding the latest news from within CMS is very easy and only requires a Web browser.

You can divide the news on the page into categories and choose when to show them. A built-in WYSIWYG editor with text formatting capabilities allows you to enter and edit information.

Module capabilities

  • Control news status: unpublished, current, expired.
  • Archive news by display periods.
  • Create short descriptions for longer news items.
  • Set publication and expiration dates for news items.
  • Provide author, expiration date, and source information.
  • Monitor display statistics for individual news items.
  • Use RSS feed support.
  • Create and activate categories.
  • Use built-in news search.

Possible applications

  • Present current events in the life of your company, e.g. new investments, completed projects, attended trade fairs and conferences, publications, training courses etc.
  • Publish periodic information, e.g. provide a new pricelist valid for 30 days or display a two-week unavailability notice due to the holiday season.

Implementation example: The Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław

The news section is an important part of the Academy’s webpage. Individual information blocks are visually attractive and feature a stylized publication date. You can add photos and attachments to selected news items or, for example, associate them with a specific photo album. In this way the News module allows you to present clear and useful information.