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You’d like to know what your customers think about your products and services? Use questionnaires and adjust them to suit your needs. Ask a simple question or create a comprehensive questionnaire.

The results are presented on pie charts, so that you can easily create reports. The module provides information about the number of answers and votes, and the results are presented using percentage divisions. Find out what your customers need and use this knowledge to develop your business!

Module capabilities

  • Create multiple questionnaires with an unlimited number of questions.
  • Apply different question types: single, multiple choice or open-ended questions.
  • Assign questionnaires to categories.
  • Activate/deactivate questionnaires and individual questions.
  • Reuse existing questionnaires.
  • Reset results.
  • Monitor the following information: the number of answers for a selected question, the number of votes, voting results in percentage terms.
  • Present results on graphical charts.
  • Search for selected questionnaires and individual questions.

Possible applications

  • Create questionnaires to find out customer preferences.
  • Make your website more interactive.