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You need a graphical representation for the network of your business partners, representatives or branch offices? That’s exactly what we had in mind when designing Maps. This module allows you to place items of your choice on photos and create corresponding descriptions.

In addition, use Maps as a very simple tool to prepare compelling presentations of your products, including descriptions for individual parts or items. This will help your customers learn more and find answers to common questions in a detailed product map description!

Module capabilities

  • Load your own files with maps, screenshots, and charts.
  • Use drag-and-drop to mark points (locations) on the map you entered.
  • Assign maps and locations to categories.
  • Add descriptions to locations.
  • Use built-in map search.

Possible applications

  • Present a map of company branch offices, service network, points of service, ATMs, or places of interest, including descriptions for each location (e.g. name, address, comment).
  • Present individual items comprising a selected product with corresponding descriptions.

Implementation example: TOŁPA

The Maps module was used to present the company’s product availability on the market. A map shows a network of authorized points of sale in different parts of the country and allows users to select a city and business partner type. New points of distribution can be added from the administration panel.